Challange: Consider the Source

Someone told me that they didn’t rely on the Bible too much because it was written by men & their interpretation of events. I have to say, my mind has been spinning on that comment for months. As a believer, how do you receive something like that? Our first reaction is just to spit out “you’re wrong”, but honestly, who would that help? That’s not how my mind works anyway. I must receive it, process it, poke at it, chew on it, let it marinate and then spit it out. And so here is what my mind landed on.

Our morning news paper is delivered to our doors or computers (or picked up for $1.50) at the local corner. We read those stories to keep up with “news”, events & what’s going on or already happened. Were those stories not also written by men or women? Does that make them any less true? Well, perhaps because multiple reporters across multiple news media are reporting the same thing, is that what makes it fact? The fact that their interpretations match, somehow solidifies the foundation of accuracy? Makes sense. Right?

Then riddle me this, does the Bible not also have multiple accounts written by different perspectives that also match? Mathew, Mark, Luke & John all wrote of their accounts with Jesus. All of these accounts which align, should this (by our standards of news media today) hold to be truth? Still do we find ourselves having a harder time accepting this? Well then, perhaps it’s because those accounts were written thousands of years ago, long before our lifetime so it more difficult for us to personally validate.

Then let us consider the history books. I was not alive when Columbus discovered America, but I easily accept that it occurred. I was not alive when Rome ruled, I believe it existed because there are still remains of it’s architecture,  and yet still I believe it’s lifestyle was as grand as the books say which no physical evidence could support. So why are all of these so easy to accept, and yet the idea of our creation & our salvation, which were written to preserve the account through all times, is so difficult to swallow for most? That I can not answer.

Maybe the fact that our human minds can’t comprehend the miracles of the bible. Many of these accounts just seem unbelievable. I mean, let’s consider poor Jobe. He’s living a good life for God, minding his own business. But God and Satan are having a casual conversation about why Jobe is such a good servant. Long story short, Jobe loses everything but his faith. God replaces it all (plus much more), but this sounds like Hollywood fiction to most. I can’t fathom God and Satan sitting around a table (or whatever the setting may have been) and moving devastation around Jobe like a pawn on a chess board. By no means can I understand the ‘how’ that God does this, even less the “why”. Having said that, I also can’t comprehend how a rocket functions, get’s men to the moon in which they are able to walk around unscathed and then return back through the earth’s atmosphere. But I believe it happened. I read a story about a 22 yr old woman who lifted a car off of her father who was pinned beneath. (Story link at bottom of page). This defies the laws of gravity & human strength, and yet we rejoice in such a story. Science labels this as an adrenaline rush. Science can label this, but have they been able to duplicate it? I’m guessing not or we’d all be walking around with super human strength. However, I still believe, and I believe that poor Jobe was the victim of God proven point.

Perhaps it’s because we also have historical writing of Greek mythology who had a set of gods all their own. Perhaps it’s 21 major religions around the world that dilute the idea. Or the fact that Christians (who all follow the same Christ) have divided themselves into 41,000 denominations. I mean seriously, even we Christian’s can’t agree, and we follow the same man/God.  So how do we know our one God is true if so many other men wrote of another? Well, let me ask you this, If a family member names their child after you, does that render you into non-existence? Does it somehow dilute you to less than what you were? If there are now two people out there with the same name, does it make the original any less original? If someone steels your identify, runs up high credit card bills under your SSN, and commits a felony, should you pay the price? Does that mean that you actually created the felony? Well of course not because they are the imposter doing things under your name. What if you’re a twin and someone mistakes you for your sibling, does that mean you are now your sibling and that you no longer exist? No, that’s ridiculous, isn’t it? That is they’re mistake, their misunderstanding. In all of these examples you are the innocent party in which your identity has been compromised. So too could God not be?

In summary, the Bible was written by multiple reporters who recorded histories of which physical evidence has been found,  witnesses were recorded & history books often align. Archeologists have uncovered artifacts and buildings that align. These accounts were written to preserve the accounts so as not to be lost in translation or inflated/deflated with repeated verbal tales. And yet many are hesitant to believe. So what to do? Why should you take my word over anyone else’s? Well, you shouldn’t.

I challenge you to Consider the source. Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s for that matter. Read it yourself. If I’m right, you will find God, and he will find you. Besides, if you are hesitant to read the bible because you see it as ‘some man’s view of events’, then why on earth would you settle for what People have told you that it says? Seek for yourself.

If I’m wrong, well, have you honestly never read a book that you didn’t like? At least at that point you can honestly say that you personally know what it says and have made an informed decision based on your own experience, and not that suggested to you by others. It’s a big book I know. Start with Mathew, Mark, Luke or John. And yes, your first time through they will all sound like re-runs. I have accepted this challenges, (Still working on it) because I was tired of relying on what other people told me and their interpretation of the texts.

May you all find what you are seeking, God Bless!

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