Challenge: Seek

Where are my darn keys?! Uh.. I have officially dumped the entire contents of my purse on the kitchen table to no avail. Pulled every cushion off the furniture and dug around in the crack. Found some interesting items, but still no keys. I’ve went down stairs and checked the pockets of yesterdays jeans, then decided to dump & sort through the whole laundry basket, just in case they fell out. Nope. I’ve walked back out to my car and peaked through all windows (because it’s locked of course) eliminating the ignition, driver seat, passenger seat, back seat (hey just to be sure) and all floor boards. Still no keys. I’ve now re-traced all my steps between the car and the house searching to see if perhaps I dropped them on my way in. Nope, well, if I did something must have carried them off. I’ve officially checked everywhere except the freezer. Well, might as well check there. BINGO! There they are, resting on top of the new container of Ice cream that I bought on my way home last night. Who would have thought they’d be in the freezer of all places?!

Any of you ever played out a similar scenario looking for your keys? No stone goes unturned, that’s for sure. Because really, what is the alternative? So I must ask you, why do we not use the same diligence when searching for God? I am guilty of this too.

When it comes to seeking God, or spiritual answers, we often walk to the car, realize it’s locked, look down in our hand, “nope, no key in my hand” and then we give up. Call a tow truck to hall the car to the junk yard, after all it’s useless without keys, and then move on with the satisfaction of “Hey, I tried”.

Wow, when you put it like that… then I wonder why when I finally did decide to honestly seek God, he didn’t just tell me to “call a tow truck”. He clearly watched this whole event, shaking his head no doubt, but patience and Love are a whole other conversation.

The mistake that I made was thinking that I had to be “all in” to take that journey. I was not a stranger to the belief in God, I was actually born into a strong foundation of Christ (which I’m very thankful for), but when it came to my personal relationship with Christ, and seeking that, well, I called the tow truck. After all, why would he want me and my mess that I had made.

However, others opened my eyes, and I started to see that it’s okay to approach cautiously. A relationship with Christ does not need to be an arranged marriage in which you can’t meet until after the wedding. Oh no my friends. You can stalk his facebook/twitter (a.k.a the Bible), have casual phone conversations (a.k.a. prayer) and then await his surprises that he sends you. Yes, it’s very much like courting or dating.

I’ll tell you a funny story on this. So one Sunday’s sermon was on being the bride for Christ. Now, I like to think since God created me, he can appreciate my quirky humor. So I say “Uh.. If I’m going to be your bride, I’m pretty sure we should court first”. (Heresy I know, but it was prayed with the best of intentions). After all, if you can joke with anyone, you should be able to Joke with God right? He’s the ONLY one who absolutely knows that you are joking, no risk of misunderstanding. Well, anyway the next morning an (unlikely) acquaintance brought me a box of Artisan Chocolates. Yes, that’s like the BEST chocolates you can get. Call me crazy.. I’m pretty sure Jesus sent me chocolates. After all, who’s to say he can’t drop an idea into someone’s head. Perhaps a convenient stand that catches one’s eye. My point is, while you seek, keep your eyes open. We often label situations as a ‘coincidence’, but by definition (a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.) this means out of the ordinary or unlikely. Don’t dismiss these, take note and they will start to build evidence to your cause.

So I challenge you to Seek Jesus. Find out about who he was, what he did, and who he still is today. Talk to him. Ask him to make his presence known to you, and then of course make sure you are listening! Court him as you would any stranger, building a deepening relationship with time. And don’t expect everything to be on your terms. All relationships require give and take, as well as sacrifice. Let him pick the place sometimes.

Turn over every stone, couch cushion & laundry basket until you have finally looked in all the places that you wouldn’t expect to find him. If you honestly search for him, same as you would your keys, I promise, you will find him.

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