Workplace: Negativity is contagious


How stressful is your job?

Perhaps your job isn’t stressful, but the people you work with are? Perhaps both?

Well friends, I have recently found myself in this situation. Perhaps I should say, I didn’t just find myself there, I work there because I’m one of those strange individuals that likes it. However, I recently found myself falling victim to the very thing that I typically navigate so well.

Why now? Well I’m a rather laid-back optimistic person, in which the good Lord has blessed with a vast well of patience. That’s a great recipe for navigating the busy corporate world. I burn stress like fuel to produce my most productive works. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who actually work better under pressure. However, when addressed with a situation in which there isn’t anything I can work through, that fuel builds up into an explosive hazard.

And thus, I’ve recently found myself in a stressful situation that has little to do with objectives and tasks, and everything to do with people. A few people, no problem, I’m typically the one that tries to cheer up those around me; and I’m usually rather successful at that. But here lies the problem. Negativity is contagious. So what did I do when everyone around me were infected? Well I got sick too.

People who are stressed unknowingly press harder on those around them, in turn stressing them out. It’s an endless circle. People who are stressed tend to treat others worse than they normally would, sometimes without even knowing. Now imagine this going on for more than a month without reprieve. So how do you break that cycle?

Well… YOU don’t.

My morning devotional really gave me a swift kick in the rear. The topic was on fear and how that hinders our ability by placing the seed of doubt in our minds. But there was one line that really jumped off the page for me. It was ” A Spirit of fear will always prompt people to overreact”. WOW. That was my situation in a nutshell!

And I realized, I didn’t fear anything, but I could see how fear was driving those around me. It also went on to speak of God’s power that we can tap into. I realized, that even though my patience had run dry, God still had an endless well I could drink from. Even though my strength and Joy were weak, I could use his. And so I did this. (Now I had to constantly remind myself of this the first day or two, but eventually I got it).

Here is what I found. Negativity is contagious, but God’s light spreads even faster. Some of those still frantically running in circles find it even more frustrating that I’m all cool and collected. However, others I see starting to catch on, and even though they may not realize what it is, they are starting to perk up and level out too.

If you are suffering from negative situations, I recommend tapping into God’s strength and overcompensating on Peace for those around you. They will find comfort in your ability to do so, and eventually will start to take this on themselves. When they take note, make sure you give credit where credit is due.


God Bless!


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