God’s Master Plan – Life Choices

Now, understanding that God created his master plan, then gave prophets a glimpse into what that plan looked like in action, we can also consider the “Life Choices” of Jesus.

What do I mean by that? Well, why did God choose the specific life that Jesus walked? Jesus could have been born anywhere, so why a stable? And we’re not talking about a shiny modern show-horse kind of stable. We’re talking about a dirty, nasty, smelly place where animals defecate. And who was invited into see the newborn? Shepherds, who at that time were considered among the lowest in society. They weren’t trusted, they weren’t even allowed to testify in crimes they witnessed. Today’s example, imagine angels inviting the local homeless shelters into your hospital room right after you gave birth. *Awkward*. But we see a very beautiful display in that Jesus came for ALL of us. God doesn’t care about societies opinions of “class”.

God could have chosen Jesus to be born a King. I would think that perhaps with those kind of resources, (Funds, servants, helpers, armies etc..) he could have possibly reached even more people. Remember, the Jews in that time were expecting a king. But instead, God chose this very “ordinary” life.

By all accounts, we see Jesus leading a very ordinary life up to his 30th year. He wasn’t born walking and talking, instead, he was completely dependent like any other infant. Joseph had to flee with Mary & Jesus to escape King Herod’s efforts to kill all babies in hopes of eliminating Jesus.

We get a glimpse of 12 year old Jesus from Luke 2:41-48. Notice in this passage where Jesus gets left behind, mamma Mary is terrified and scolds him when she find him. This is a very normal parental reaction. If one of our children wondered off, and we were frantically looking, would we not have the same reaction? And I wonder, if 12 year old Jesus was walking around on water, controlling the weather, turning things into other things, would Mary have been so “Anxiously” (worried) searching?

Jesus then goes on to be a carpenter, which was the most labor intensive job in the Roman empire. He knows what it’s like to put food on the table by doing back-breaking work all day long.

So why this “Ordinary” Life? Well I think it’s so he could walk a mile in our shoes. I think it’s so we could relate to him. It would be difficult to model our lives after a King who has servants to do all his daily tasks. But Jesus lead by example via a very ordinary life that I can relate to. He didn’t just tell us what to do, he showed us how to do it.

The other thing about leading by example, God was showing us through Jesus that he’s not asking us to do something that he himself wouldn’t do. Perhaps Jesus walked the earth for 30 years with the same limitations as you and I have. Getting up every morning, coming home tired every evening. Being obedient to our parents. Teaming up with the Holy Spirit. Standing strong in the face of societies judgement. Seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven. Relying on God. Trusting in God. Being obedient to God.

He showed us how to LOVE, and to be compassionate. He trained us how he wanted his ministry to work, what it should look like. (LOVE).

So why was this “life choice” what God chose for his Master Plan? Because once again, this is a display of God’s LOVE.


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