God’s Master Plan – Miracles

As we look at how the Bible unfolds, we often look to the specific events themselves without backing up to consider the Master Plan.

For example, if we were detectives investigating a case, we may locate objects of evidence such as a bloody knife, a broken door frame, furniture askew etc. We may also uncover activities that took place, such as a particular person having coffee on a specific date & time, we would likely know who they were with, where they came from and where they were all going. These are all pieces of evidence or facts in the case, but as a detective we would be looking at all of these from a higher perspective. We wouldn’t approach these as all “happen stance” events, but rather we would look for a “master plan” if you will that made them all come to pass. That would be the “case” that we were investigating.

Reading the Bible is similar in we see specific examples, such as Jesus healing lepers, preaching to the poor, casting out demons, giving sight to the blind and so on. But do we ever ask ourselves why those miracles?

We instantly point to Messianic prophesies, such as Isaiah 61:1-2, which is the scroll from which Jesus read in Nazareth and then proclaimed it’s fulfillment. He points to these prophesies again in Luke 7:22 & John 10:38 as “Authentication” or “Evidence” that he was the Messiah.

But we can’t stop there, in fact, there is a much deeper truth to uncover. Why were these the things prophesied?

Think about it. God created the “master plan” long before it went into play. In fact, we see God’s first prophesy in Genesis 3:15, which is long before Isaiah walked the Earth. In fact, it would stand to reason that God had his master plan all plotted out in detail before creation itself; after all, he is an all knowing God.

So then, wouldn’t it stand to reason that God gave prophets a “glimpse” into the future of what would take place? Kind of like we see a movie trailer as an advertisement today. You see bits and pieces of what’s in the movie. That would indicate that, for this particular example, Isaiah got a glimpse into what Jesus was going to do, and he wrote down what he saw. But we need to think about the “WHY”.

If Jesus’s miracles were simply to display God’s Power as a means of authenticating himself & his ministry, he could have done anything. Some example that come to mind would be moving mountains around, manipulating the weather, walking on air, turning things into other things. There are a million ways he could have displayed God’s Power, but think about the commonalities here. None of those examples would have ‘helped’ anyone. We see repeatedly where Jesus had “Compassion” for someone and thus healed or raised the dead.

Why then, did the Master Plan list out these particular miracles? Why did it list that he would preach to the poor? There are four letters that sums that up. LOVE. God is Love. Jesus’s Commandments were LOVE. If we look at the specific miracles that God picked out in the master plan, they were acts of LOVE. Yes, he could have chosen to display God Power in any way, but he chose ways that would help & comfort. Think about that.

Jesus didn’t heal because Isaiah said he would, Isaiah said he would be God chose acts of LOVE.

God is LOVE.



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